About Me


Since the age of 1 I have been sharing my life with animals.

As a child I always “knew” what dogs were thinking and feeling. It just seemed clear and obvious to me. Over the years It has been proven to me that I have always been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and I just so happen to be a dammed good dog trainer because of it!

I have attended hundreds of courses and classes in order to strengthen this strange yet honorable ability and to also learn that I’m not all that crazy.
I have been working with dogs’ under the title of Dog Trainer since the year of 2002 and madly in love with every single moment of it. The only time I do not love it is when the dog gives me information that the human does not follow through with. I feel sad for the dog that the human cannot learn the lesson that is right directly in front of them. It’s a bit heartbreaking to me to this very day.

I have to trust that this is the person and the dogs’ very own personal journey and my job is simply to be the interpreter not the judge. I truly believe without a doubt that the information that a dog brings forth is the reason that they exist in your lives. This is what I personally know to be true, as the 7000 dogs that I have worked with have made this very, very clear.

If you find yourself at this site, I would ask you to trust that you are in good, caring honest, loving, hands and its my pure intention to help the lines of communication between you and your dog be as clear as they can be at this time in your relationship together.

Over the years of communicating with animals all over the world and receiving positive reports back from the human companions, I am driven to shift my very busy highly in demand, full time dog training job, to working with you and your dogs through this new medium.

One Of A Kind

There is a very good chance that I may be the only person in the world at this time that is both an accomplished sought out dog trainer and an animal communicator. Not to mention that I have learnt that not all intuitive readers are clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. “See it, hear it, feel it,” has always been my motto and is in fact painted on the wall of my dog training facility.