What Are My Clients Saying


Thank you!

I have to say that we have noticed a huge change in Scooby over the past week. I have been doing what you suggested…lying with him and telling him how much he is wanted and loved and safe. This guy has probably made a dozen new doggie friends over the past week when normally he would be running away from them all with his tail between his legs! Today he played for HOURS with the neighbours dog that he used to be afraid of and bark at. Best Xmas gift ever!!!

Michele, I Love it!!!!!

You absolutely nailed it! It’s so fantastic I can’t even tell you how amazing the reading was. How do you do that??? You have a truly amazing gift! We are blessed to have you (and of course our fuzzy wise ones) on this planet. You are incredible! I cried at least 3 times, because what You said is so accurate about me…..laughed a lot too. Yes…Tigger is quite the character! He’s always been “cheeky”. Wow! Is all I can say. Yes…I’m going to read this over a few more times to let it sink in and get more out of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michele! I love the reading and I will try to help Tigger be more “engaged”…play more….get one of those SAD lights….gawd.


“Thank you Michelle for connecting with our little four legged friends. Living in Calgary and Olds Alberta, it does’t happen very often that we can trek out to the island, however your gift of connecting and having conversation with our Angel and Miso nas been such a blessing and helped us to connect on a deeper level with them as well. You nailed exactly what was going on and cleared up a lot of concerns we had with the health and happiness of these little bugs! We are truly grateful for your service and highly reccommend you to others all the time!!! You ROCK sisa!! Hugs and blessings, “


“Your communication with her has helped me tremendously by understanding Ashley better and what she needs to support and help her. It has given me a renewed sense of hope and I am now excited to move forward with her training and your recommendations. Thank you so much Michele, you have amazing abilities with animals and have truly been blessed with a beautiful and incredible gift.”

I am truly amazed…

“I am truly amazed at how incredibly accurate and perceptive your communication with Ashley was. There is no way you could have known some of the things you described to me without truly having communicated with her. Before your communication, I was starting to feel frustrated and defeated with Ashley’s situation as it has been difficult to find her a home given her issues. She has been through numerous foster homes due to her dog aggression and we were making very little progress with her in this area.”

Gave me 110% validation

“Michele, You were able to communicate with my dog and she told you things that gave me 110% validation that you were “talking” with her soul. You are a gifted dog communicator, trainer and whisperer for their precious souls. Anything that makes you stand apart just means to me that your gift is too magical to belong to just any group. Thank God for your amazing ways and your great style training our best friends…5000 miracles and counting, way to go!”


“If you’ve ever wanted to have a deeper and more profound communication with your dog or dig into behavioral or health issues that are begging to be resolved I highly recommend a session with Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott. Her communication was insightful, revealing and authentic. I’m filled with joy to know my little man Barkley even better. Peace, Elissa”


“Wow this is amazing! I’m going to need to read and re-read and re-re-read! Thank you. It’s just fascinating and….well, I need to absorb it all. This is just really cool. So much to learn…thank you!!! i will update you on how things go. This is a journey for sure.”